Servers Administration services

Servers Administration services

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Rocket Website Agency provides remote server administration services: setting up dedicated, virtual, physical servers. Our employees have extensive experience in servicing the installation and configuration of server software (including configuring apache, PHP, Nginx, MySQL, etc.), which allows them to solve problems with server software in the shortest possible time and provide a high level of service.

Rocket Website Agency also provides organization server maintenance services. In the framework of cooperation, the Customer receives stable server software, timely updates, qualified assistance, the ability to install and configure additional software.

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In addition to supporting servers and sites, we provide one-time IT services for installing and configuring the OS, required software, optimising the server and site, configuring security, building fault-tolerant systems and virtualization, etc. Costs of work on the request. Solving server problems - is our job.

Benefits of the Remote Server Maintenance

To have service IT solutions, an enterprise must have a staff of IT specialists who can solve a problem of various specifics. At the moment, it is quite difficult to find a good specialist in the labour market, and the salary of such an employee is high enough, moreover, the employee needs to organize a workplace, officially employ, pay taxes for him, sick leave and vacation pay. Using the service of IT outsourcing, you get rid of these problems, the administration of your servers will be carried out by a team of professionals specialising in different areas, the remuneration for which is much lower than the salary of a regular employee. Employees of our company are constantly faced with solving various problems, thereby constantly developing the experience of technical support of servers, updating knowledge on configuring servers. We also provide one-time work on the installation, configuration, optimization of server software, servers maintenance in London (UK).

Server administration work:

  • Installation, the configuration of server software to meet client needs

  • UNIX Administration of servers

  • Security policy definitions and settings

  • Install and configure server monitoring

  • Configure backup, backup disk needed

  • Server load monitoring

  • Applying Important Updates

  • Making changes to software settings for specific tasks

  • Tuning, optimization, database administration MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL

  • Installation and configuration of Apache, Nginx web server, optimization for highly loaded projects

  • System analysis to identify problems and eliminate them

  • Writing scripts to automate typical server administration tasks

Installation and administration of Windows servers

In addition to servicing servers and sites of Unix systems, we provide one-time and ongoing work on remote administration, installation and configuration of Windows servers. The cost of the outsourcing services depends on the complexity and amount of work, calculated taking into account the needs of the client.

Remote administration of Windows:

  • Install and configure Windows server

  • Installation, configuration and administration of terminal servers

  • Installing MS Exchange Mail Server

  • Install and configure Microsoft ISA Server

  • Installation setup, remote administration of Active Directory (domain controller), DNS ‚DHCP

  • Installation and configuration of the database server (MS SQL database)

  • Install File Server

  • Creating a backup server

  • Installing a webserver (IIS)

  • Hyper-V Server Virtualization


If you need to perform specific server maintenance tasks, we are ready to consider possible options.

Round-the-clock monitoring of servers with administrator notification

  • Free disk space

  • Site availability

  • Server load

  • Port availability

  • Server availability

  • Swap file usage

One-time server configuration work:

  • Install Unix, Windows systems

  • Install and configure the webserver

  • Installation and configuration of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.), and software for their management

  • Installation and configuration of the mail server (SMTP / POP3)

  • Firewall, proxy, NAT settings

  • File server

  • Antivirus


Those are the main server maintenance works, but not all of them, the list can be expanded according to the needs of the customer.


Server configuration will be done by our employees with skills and experience in server administration.

Server administration does not include:

  • Administration of CMS (Content Management System) of websites located on the server, for example, CMS Magento (creating, deleting users within the CMS, changing their access rights, creating and changing templates, pages, placing information on pages, loading and unloading information from databases, CMS integration with other software).

  • Administration of the content of websites located on the server (adding, deleting or changing files, site directories).


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