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Website Audit

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What is website audit and is it needed at all? The website should be the main sales center. It is much more convenient for the client to find out all the information and make a purchase without leaving home or their workplace. Therefore, it is very important that during the search, it is your website that was found first. Website audit is the identification of all errors that prevent the website from moving to higher positions during the search. That is when the website is far below - this indicates a number of problems that will allow you to identify a comprehensive audit of the resource, and the recommendations made by a specialist will eliminate the problems as soon as possible.

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A comprehensive audit of the website includes the following stages of work:

  1. 1. Website technical audit
    Analysis and identification of problems in the technical area of ​​the website: checking redirects, server response codes, errors in the code. Most often this is where the main problems lay and because of that search engines “fine” the website and prevent it from moving to higher positions.
  2. 2. Auditing internal optimization
    Website promotion audit includes analysis of meta tags, availability of optimized and unique texts on the website, internal linking. Also includes the search for duplicate pages on the website that interfere with its successful promotion in search engines. This stage is directly related to improving the position of the website, as it identifies problems of relevance of the content.
  3. 3. Audit of external optimization
    Audit of external website optimization is one of the most time-consuming and important stages of website seo audit. At this stage, a detailed analysis of the link mass of the website. Evaluation of external referral sources allows you to identify bad donors, which not only interfere with the successful promotion of a web resource, but can also become a reason for the website to become a search filter in the future.
  4. 4. Analysis of competitor websites Competitor analysis involves tracking the dynamics of growth of competitors' traffic, identifying the reasons and methods for their successful promotion. As a result of this stage, a specific website promotion strategy is formed with the aim of occupying top positions in the most frequent queries.

What gives you a website audit ?

- Identify and fix problems in the technical part of the website.

- Carry out the most correct internal optimization on the website.

- Get a specific strategy for the link mass of the website

- Find the weak link of competitors and crowd out their tops. As a result, more traffic, sales and profits for your business.

Costs of website audit

Website audit is quite time-consuming, therefore the cost would depend on the time that will be spent on fixing resource errors. It includes a lot of analytics, study and comparison. But it is of great importance and provides for high performance, which fully compensates for the time and money spent on search engine optimization. Audit provides an opportunity to know what the problem is, and most important how to solve it. With it, you will understand in which direction it is worth improving and developing your project.

Order SEO audit of a website from Rocket Website Agency

  1. 1. A large team of specialists and professionals with extensive experience will work with you. You will receive a detailed report on the work done with a description of the problems and how to solve them.
  2. 2. To order an audit of a website with us means to get a high-quality and detailed analysis of your site in a timely manner. The effectiveness of our work is fully justified by our level and professionalism.
  3. 3. Using services of Rocket Website Agency, means to be confident in an individual approach to each project and client, which makes it possible to get the most accurate and relevant information.

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