WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

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Rocket Website Agency is ready to provide our customers with a full range of services for the development, integration and optimisation of any website based on the most popular platform - CMS WordPress. If you need a landing page, corporate website or a small online store - WordPress is the right choice.

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WordPress: what it is and why?

WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems. The main objective of this software is to provide the user with tools for performing a variety of operations on a website. To explain what WordPress is, just familiarize yourself with the main functionality of this software - this includes:

Creation of content and organization of work on it. Content refers to the pages of the site and absolutely everything that they can contain - text, photos, videos and any other multimedia information.

  • Content management - creating, storing, deleting, setting attributes, setting the level and access control, controlling data flows, etc.
  • Publication and removal from publication in manual or automatic mode (by time, in the order of the appearance of more recent information and other conditions);
  • Providing users of the site (both owners and visitors) with tools for quick navigation and searching for the required information.

Is it possible to create a website on WordPress?

You can safely say that this is exactly what WordPress is for. Moreover, creating a website on WordPress is a much simpler task than using traditional tools. This refers to the hypertext markup language (HTML) itself and all kinds of programming languages ​​that generate HTML, execute various scripts on pages and other tasks (PHP, JavaScript, Python and others). Moreover, users also have access to tools to create their own WordPress website design. Although, it is worth noting that dozens of template designs are included in the WordPress basic package. From all this, it follows that using this software, to create a simple website and fill it with the necessary information, the user does not need to know programming languages. But the keyword here is “unpretentious” because a large site (for example, an online store) will still require certain skills and knowledge.

Integration with other CMS

One of the key features of WordPress is the possibility of its integration with other content management systems. Take Magento, for example. This system is designed specifically for managing an online store. Any WordPress site can include, say, a separate section that will be managed by the Magento system. Thus, the user will receive even more tools for managing his website, having the opportunity to add all kinds of content to it and sell goods/services through the built-in online store.

Is it easy?

As mentioned above, the creation of large sites will require certain skills from the user, not only in working with the system itself but also in programming. If you intend to open your business on the web or launch any other project using WordPress, you can contact WordPress Website Agency and Rocket is one of them. Our experts will help you not only with the creation but also with the maintenance of the website, filling it with the required content and performing any operations on it.


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