Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket web development agency always take care of our customers, we have vast experience in website development, website optimization, website promotion, and website support! Here you can find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about website development, its costs, and more.

First of all, you will need to imagine what is the main function of the website, how it should look, also you need to understand the volume of future content, products, etc. The specific costs can be named only after the web development company knows all website requirements. Contact our digital marketing agency and get the best web development services! WE OFFER 24/7 WEBSITE SUPPORT!

The final cost of the Magento store development will depend on the functionality that the customer needs. Today, many companies use the following calculations when forming the cost of a Magento website development: 1) An hour of work of a Magento programmer costs 50 £; 2) On average, developing a Magento online store with the necessary functionality takes about 160-200 hours. We are the best Magento web development company in London, contact us today and get a FREE CONSULTATION!

The choice of CMS on which your website is running has the most direct relation to what efforts and costs you will need to promote your website in the organic search engine results. Our digital marketing agency had years of experience in website development if you trust us once - you will stay forever!

For a news site, corporate site, blog, product catalog, online store, it would be more expedient to use CMS, which is designed specifically for these purposes as the best tool. Therefore, the core of the site should be chosen primarily not from personal preferences, but from the thematic focus of your future resource and for what purposes you need the site. We provide a wide range of web development services, website support and website maintenance!

Google representatives have highlighted several times the issue of the fact that the situation with AdWords (Contextual Advertising) does not in any way affect the ranking in organic search results. Google AdWords (Contextual Advertising) and free Google search results are not linked in any way.

All materials that you have for the site: logos, samples of corporate identity, texts about the company, price lists. If you do not have any of the above, then our web development company can offer you services of content creation, using professional SEO text writers! We are the best web development company in London!

Rocket web development company offers free website support for two months, during this period you can make minor corrections and clarifications of information. Longer website support is negotiated separately with a monthly based fee. We are definitely one of the best web development companies in London!