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The mission of our digital agency to deliver high-quality web products, website support, and website optimization services.

Website maintanence in UK

Our specialists are always available for you in the most convenient communication channels. Constant feedback and professional website support that’s what we are offering at Rocket Website Agency!

Happy clients are our priority! Contact us today and you will stay with us forever! Rocket - web development company with massive experience and excellent customer support!

Websites audit

What is a website audit and is it needed at all? Your website should be the main sales generator. It is much more convenient for the client to find out all of the information and make a purchase without leaving home or their workplace. Therefore, it is very important that it is your website on the first page of Google ranking results.

A website audit is the identification of all errors that prevent the website from moving to higher positions during the search. That is when the website is far below - this indicates a number of problems that will allow you to identify a comprehensive audit of the resource, and the recommendations made by a specialist will eliminate the problems as soon as possible. The provides an opportunity to know what the problem is, and most importantly how to solve it. With it, you will understand in which direction it is worth improving and developing your project.

Website optimisation

Our digital marketing agency can guarantee a high performance of your website - order website optimization and website promotion of your Internet resource to the TOP!

SEO optimization

Website support, SEO promotion, and website development at Rocket Website Agency, in London and throughout the UK. Turning to us for marketing support you will receive the most complete range of web development services. We are ready to offer you full support of the site from its creation, to raising it to the TOP, and supporting it in leading positions. When servicing websites, we set only adequate prices that will soon justify your costs. All of the projects are carried out with responsibility and professionalism.

Website maintanence

The experience of our digital marketing agency in the creation and support of websites has been over 5 years. Terms of services: on an ongoing basis with a further priority.

High-quality website maintenance makes your resource profitable, it is always an integral leader of the top ten search results, hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of visitors will come to the resource, which later becomes your potential customers. Being interested in how much it costs to maintain websites, you should understand that it all depends on the degree of content. In fact, sites can be very different, creative, non-standard, multidirectional, strict, etc., but in any case, it will be exactly the way you and your potential users want to see it. By transferring your website to our hands, you will immediately get rid of the possible difficulties associated with adding and updating all the necessary information, and the actual control over the website and its smooth operation.

Websites support

Website support - is an important part of any portal. Adding new products to the website, publishing and writing unique news, filling it with related content, maintaining a blog, tracking and deleting the spam, website administration, and many other things which are an integral part of the maintenance. The costs of the website support will depend on the number of needed services. We provide 24/7 website support!

Technical support of the website - this service point includes control over the stability of the site, protecting it from hacks, viruses, and other long-term failures. Our programmers can connect new modules to your website, add new pages and entire sections, at the request of the client. Website support allows you to respond in time to the slightest changes in search engine algorithms, make all the necessary adjustments so that the site is well-indexed - thanks to all this, the site is kept in excellent visibility by Google.

Website Speed Up

Site speed is one of the important criteria and search engine bots take this into account when ranking your website among the competitors. Rocket website agency crafted many projects and we know how to achieve the most effective indicators.

We also can create new sections on the website, add and optimize banners, images, make corrections to existing ones, and fill out new product offers in online store catalogs. Our web development company is always ready to provide you with comprehensive website support on a professional level. We provide 24/7 website support!

Rocket web development company also provides professional maintenance of Magento sites made by third parties.

We are an experienced Magento web development company, we know that for many stores, the maintenance of Magento sites is required periodically and in many cases, it is not profitable for the owners of such sites to keep a Magento specialist on the permanent staff of their company.

We provide MAGENTO EXPRESS SUPPORT based on one of the fixed payments which are listed below:
Description Price
Magento website audit from 300 £
Magento version update from 500 £
Security patches installation from 150 £
Additional modules installation from 100 £
Restore Magento site from the backup from 200 £
Create a backup copy of the Magento site(files backup and site database) from 200 £
Transfer Magento site to the other hosting account from 500 £
Import Magento product catalog from file from 500 £
Magento content manager training from 350 £
Speeding up site performance from 300 £
Adding new product categories and sections from 50 £
Online store filling service (Magento content management) to be agreed

The main task of a Magento content manager is to fill the store with a focus on further website promotion on the Internet, to maximize the sales and profits.