Our services

Our website agency specialised in:

-Website development

-Magento Website development 

-SEO website optimisation

-Technical Support websites

-Website maintenance


This is our main activities and we have more than 7 years of experience, providing a full range of the services related to website development. Originally founded in 2012, we have very good team of great web developers. We have implemented many projects and you can find some of our works in our portfolio. 


We give our clients a lifetime warranty on our work, use static analysis, functional and unit / integration testing on projects. Work extremely transparently, providing detailed reports on all completed work. We do not manipulate the cost of an hour and provide automatically generated reports. We show the cost of an hour, both normalised and effective (taking into account fix price and warranty). Analyze the tasks of the business, the habits and needs of users before design development.


Our team includes only full-time developers, designers, testers, architects and analysts - and no freelancers.


If you are looking for a reliable partner to solve the problems of your business, to quickly overcome the problems encountered, or looking for long-term cooperation, Rocket Website Agency is ready to offer you its services.