Servers maintenance

Rocket Website Agency provides remote server administration services: setting up dedicated, virtual, or physical servers. Our employees have extensive experience in servicing the installation and configuration of server software (including configuring apache, PHP, Nginx, MySQL, etc.), which allows them to solve problems with server software in the shortest possible time and provide a high level of performance.

Rocket website development company ready to implement different projects with various complexity! Every work is performed in the best possible manner, we take the requirement of search engines at the beginning of website development, providing our customers with well-optimized sites and absolutely error-free. Website optimization will result in high performance and fast loading speed, all of those things in combination will have a positive impact on future website promotion!

We are a specialized server support and server maintenance agency, ready to assist you with Nginx configuration, Centos installation, or Ubuntu installation. In the framework of cooperation, the Customer receives stable server software, timely updates, qualified assistance, the ability to install and configure additional software

In addition to server support services and website support, we provide one-time IT services for installing and configuring the required OS software, optimizing the server and website, configuring security, building fault-tolerant systems and virtualization, etc.

Costs of work on the request. Solving server problems - is our job. Contact our digital marketing agency and get the best digital solutions and get the best server maintenance services or 24/7 website support!

Servers maintenance services

# Description Price
1 Server launching and configuration from 500 £
2 Server administration from 350 £
3 Server monitoring from 150 £
4 Operating system updates from 200 £
5 Server audit from 150 £
6 Server optimization from 300 £
7 Data backup from 100 £
8 Installation and configuration of mail servers from 25 £
9 Installation and support of database servers from 300 £