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Website design agency in London (UK): What is loading speed and why it matters in 2022?

The first thing that can make potential customers go to competitors' websites is a slow website loading. Even a modern interface and good content will not help save the situation, because nowadays the user simply doesn't want to wait! In addition site owners must understand that search engines take page speed into account when ranking, especially when it comes to commercial queries. [...]

Magento eCommerce Agency in London (UK): Why choose Magento 2?

Every year the e-commerce market grows by 25-35% depending on the niche. This circumstance has both positive and negative consequences. In a growing market, it is easier to launch startups, but for business owners, this is a constant increase in the number of their competitors. Every business owner should also understand that the development and creation of an online store that brings a stream of customers is not an easy task. [...]

Magento eCommerce agency: What eCommerce trends will be the most visible in 2021?

Today’s article is dedicated to the discussion of the possible upcoming e-commerce trends in 2021. There is no prerequisite that the development of the e-commerce industry will slow down in the next few years. On the contrary, this industry will continue to evolve and expand its sphere of influence. So, what e-commerce trends will be the most visible in 2021? Our Magento eCommerce agency in London (UK) would like to share some of the trends that in our opinion are likely to have the biggest impact on the e-commerce industry in the nearest future. [...]

Magento development agency in London, UK: Magento 2 site development

Today's article devoted to a detailed analysis of how our Magento development agency in London, UK works with new customers requiring e-Commerce development on Magento 2 from scratch. We will not only explain how we work on new projects but also guide you through the legal requirements of the e-Commerce site. We hope that this article would be useful for our future customers and for those who may contract another web development agency in the future. [...]