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Website development company

Sites development on a turnkey basis and their further SEO promotion is the main activity of the Rocket website agency! Every project is developed individually for each customer and his technical requirements. [...]

Drupal web development company

Drupal is a content management system that provides rich functionality to create projects of varying complexity. For example, with its help, you can define for each user (administrator, moderator, editor, or registered user) a set of rights that allow you to have access to certain features of your website. [...]

Magento 2 installation on Centos 7, VPS Server

If you are thinking of how you could install Magento 2 on Centos 7 + ISP Manager, this article is written just for you. Our Magento eCommerce agency will in detail describe how to install Magento 2.7.7. You will understand how to configure your VPS server, install the required PHP version and all necessary components for the correct operation of Magento 2. [...]