Magento Support Services

Rocket Website Agency Ltd offering professional Magento 1 and Magento 2 Support services. Our Magento developers can detect and eliminate any issues in your Magento eCommerce website. We guarantee the stable and continuous operation of your online store with our 24/7 Magento Support Services.

Magento eCommerce website support is necessary to ensure the stable and correct work of your online store. Our Magento developers provide Magento Support Services for more than 7 years and can update your security patches, extensions or catalogue. We will also optimise your Magento eCommerce website as much as possible for its best performance.

magento support servicesMagento Support Services

Here are some of the main criteria necessary to make the most from your Magento eCommerce website:

  • VPS or dedicated server configuration due to Magento 2 server requirements
  • Correct Magento 2 installation and platform configuration
  • Correct installation and configuration of additional extensions
  • Unique content is written according to your semantic core
  • Mandatory and competent filling of meta titles, description, keywords
  • Regular system and software updates
  • Regularly posting of unique thematic content through the blog
  • Building a strong backlink profile

Are you experiencing any problems with your Magento eCommerce website? We are ready to resolve any issues providing you professional Magento support and maintenance services.

magento support agencySearch Engine Optimisation

To get your Magento eCommerce website to the first page of Google organic search results, you will also need SEO services. Depending on the level of the competition in your niche it could take some time before your website can reach the top positions.

Search Engine Optimisation is a never-ending process that involves the creation of unique content and building a strong backlink profile. We have successfully promoted many websites to the first page of Google organic results. With our Magento support and SEO services, you can be sure that the time spent on promotion will bring an increase in positions and traffic. We also strongly recommend extending the standard SEO capabilities of your Magento eCommerce website with the help of additional extensions.

Do you get the maximum potential from your Magento eCommerce website? Looking for Magento Support Agency? Contact our Magento 2 eCommerce agency in London (UK) to get the best Magento 1 and Magento 2 Support Services.