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Website Development Agency: Few tips on how you can improve your website

Today our website development agency would like to show you how to improve your website, increase traffic, conversion and make your resource more attractive to visitors and most important search engines.

Make the visitor understand your main mission

There are two options to do it best, both are good and we recommend using them in combination. It is important to add a short description to the main page, so the information about your products or services is immediately evident. Secondly, be sure that you have a section “About us” or “About the company” in the menu items – there is an important “SEO” moment, both Google and webmasters advise to name this section exactly as in the example above. Some visitors will look specifically for this section and a menu item such as “What we do” or “Company mission” can be misunderstood.

The presence of the “About us” section is also important for search engines. In the Google Assessors’ Guide, it is clearly stated that the presence of the sections “About us”, “Contacts”, etc. speaks of the company’s openness and interest in interacting with new visitors.

For online stores, it is recommended to have separate sections such as “Feedback” or “Customer Support” in the top menu!

Website navigation

Your website navigation has a few aspects:

  • should be user friendly, so the visitor can quickly find what they want
  • convenient for search robots
  • the navigation logic must be good and understandable for the visitors

Google says, compliance with the first point automatically leads to the fulfilment of the second. Following the example of visitors, search robots evaluate the quality and ease of navigation.

Add call to action button

The call to action button is another key element on the website, without which it could be very difficult or even impossible to make a sale. A call to action is the final step that should stimulate the visitor to become a customer.

The rules for creating a call to action are as follows:

  • use a verb and additionally attach an incentive to it - “make your first order and get 10% discount”, “subscribe and get a book of 100 ideas for your business for free”, etc. Buttons "more information", "read more" are not a call to action.
  • the call to action button should be bright and visible. Any designer will select the optimal size and, most importantly, the colour of the button for you. It should be immediately apparent and at the same time not fall out of the overall concept of the page.

Make a responsive design

Open Google Analytics and see what percentage of traffic comes from mobile devices: tablets or smartphones. The values ​​may vary, but they range from 30 to 65%. Nowadays people are increasingly interested in the convenience of mobile browsing.

The responsive or mobile optimised design is not only important for the visitors, but it is also a key ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

Make competent linking

Stitching site pages using anchor links and internal linking has two aspects:

  • Pure SEO - distribution of pages weight, promotion of low-frequency queries.
  • Usability - aimed at the user so that he does not leave the page, return to it, look for new offers, etc.

The main task of linking from the point of view of marketing only is to prevent visitors from entering a remote corner and having to go back or even leave the page altogether. Competent linking is a whole art. You need to force the visitor and the search engine robot not to leave the site, but to open all new pages. Competent linking can also include the order or feedback form at the end of the selling page. Such a form with a call to action should be in order to push the client to take the targeted action.

Add a page about the team of your employees

People want to know you before they trust and buy. This is primarily important for companies that are offering their services. If we buy a specific product online, which we can see in the photo, watch the video and touch it with our own hands literally 2-3 days after ordering, then we are more interested in the product itself than those who sell it.

Services are another matter. People want to do business with people, not companies. Show them who is behind the scenes. Start building relationships based on trust from the page about yourself and your employees.


After making a purchase, invite the customer to subscribe to your newsletter. But don't just offer, but motivate with promotions and discounts only for subscribers. Such emails are very successful (70% of openings), and you get a very real target audience.

A coupon/discount is a common way to “say thank you” today. This can be a discount on a specific product or a coupon for any next purchase. The second method is much better since it gives the freedom to choose exactly the goods the client needs.

Our website agency offers professional web development and search engine optimisation services.

Our team can analyse your site, detect and fix any issues, increase page speed, add pages or install additional functionality to the site. This will make your resource more convenient for the visitors and at the same time improve your ranking positions in Google organic search results. Our website development agency also offers 24/7 site support, contact us today and get a team of professionals looking after your web resource.

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