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Magento eCommerce Agency in London (UK): Why choose Magento 2?

Every year the e-commerce market grows by 25-35% depending on the niche. This circumstance has both positive and negative consequences. In a growing market, it is easier to launch startups, but for business owners, this is a constant increase in the number of their competitors. Every business owner should also understand that the development and creation of an online store that brings a stream of customers is not an easy task.

Our Magento eCommerce Agency in London (UK) created many online stores. We have successfully promoted our clients' sites to the first page of Google organic search results. The choice in favour of the Magento e-commerce platform allowed our specialists to achieve the result desired by the customer.

Let's figure out how to develop a good online store and what should be taken into account:

To develop and create a successful online store many factors needs to be taken into account. One of the most important things is to have the ability to develop your eCommerce website as your business grows. Your online store should be a powerful marketing tool with the availability of store expansion and the addition of the necessary functionality. In order to stay afloat, the owners of online stores must always keep up with the times. Other main requirements will also be fast site operation, a user-friendly interface and the availability of different delivery and payment options.

The product catalogue should be as easy to manage as possible for both users and store owners. Filtering and searching for products by various parameters are a must-have for any online store. This will not only greatly facilitate the search of the desired goods of the store customers, but will also allow the store administrator to instantly change the necessary information about the product, status of availability, price, or completely deactivate the product. The ability to create and configure different sales or special offers. Individual discount coupons will also be an integral part of any online store, this will allow you to drive existing customers to repeat the purchase again.

The presence of the above factors is only some of the main things and the development of a successful online store does not end there yet. In order for the site to become profitable, you first would need to get to the first page of Google organic search results for at least a few key queries. Without constant and competent SEO promotion, the future of your site will be hazy. In an increasingly competitive environment and the struggle for the users, online stores will have to think about the most convenient service and functionality to encourage their website users to make purchases and return to the store again.

The conclusion is obvious the development of an online store is a complex process requiring hire a website development agency. Experienced web developers and SEO specialists must work together. This is the only way to achieve good results and the flow of regular customers.

We are a professional Magento eCommerce Agency in London offering the development of an online store on the Magento 2 Open Source platform. Our web developers have vast experience and work with Magento since its first release. Magento eCommerce development, store administration, professional SEO services, website work optimisation, additional modules installation and configuration - we do all of that for many years. Contact us if you need any help with your 3rd party agency developed Magento store or you are looking to hire Magento eCommerce Agency!

Opt MAGENTO: Be two steps ahead of your competitors!

As you understand the development of an online store which will have a constant flow of customers is a quite serious task to perform. Option for Magento 2 eCommerce platform will allow the business owners to move along with the competitive market. Magento 2 would perfectly cope with the listed tasks and even more. The platform is constantly evolving and has a huge number of additional modules to expand the standard functionality.  Another bonus part of opting for Magento 2 is that Google will perceive your website much more seriously than other e-commerce platforms.

Looking for Magento 2 eCommerce Agency in London (UK)?

Rocket Website Agency Ltd is here to help! Our website development agency has a team of talented Magento web developers! We are always ready to deliver high-quality eCommerce portals and provide professional SEO services to promote your online store to the top page of the Google organic search results. Working with us - you are in safe hands! We are one of the best Magento eCommerce Agencies in London (UK).

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