If you decided to achieve new heights in your own online business then you would need a team to create a website. Of course, you could try one of many available online constructors and create a portal yourself, however, if you are planning to achieve significant heights in the business, then you definitely would need to contract Magento eCommerce agency or WordPress Website agency. In this article, we will explain what specialists are required to create a professional-looking portal. 

What specialists are needed?

At the initial stages, you can use the services of a full stack developer. Such a specialist can do the work of the backend and frontend developer. This will help you choose the best options for your particular case. However, it should be understood that without narrow experts, it will be tight. Also, one person will carry out the project much longer than the teamwork. For successful website development you will need:

  • Programmer. What kind of programmer is needed to create a website depends on the features of the site. In addition, the choice of a particular language is determined by the tasks of the portal. Only experts will tell you if  PHP developer is needed or different specialist. At various stages of creating the resource, various programmers may be needed: front end developer, backend developer, etc. Consider, if you intend to make a website based on popular CMS, you will definitely need a PHP developer. To create a portal on Anrular or Node, a JS-programmer would be useful to have in the team.

  • Designer. Do you want the resource to be attractive and recognisable? Then it is necessary to create a unique design. This would also increase the cost of development.

  • Tester. A specialist of this kind will check the finished product for possible errors. Then, according to the information provided by the tester, the website will be finalised and fixed.

  • SEO specialist. The services of an SEO specialist will be required at the early stage of website development. Thanks to this, the portal will have the correct structure and will be able to high ranking in the search results. New customers will come to the website, revenue will increase.

Please note!

In various situations, additional specialists may be required. All this is determined at the initial stages of project planning.

Where to look for the right specialists?

There are several ways to find specialists or website agency to create a site. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a look in more detail.

  • Find specialists on your own. In this case, you can choose the most profitable specialists for the price. Especially if they work remotely. However, it is impossible to guarantee that the desired result will be obtained.

  • Tips of friends. Also, a team to create a website can be assembled through friends or acquaintances. This option is the most optimal since you will immediately learn about the qualifications of specialists.

  • Freelance exchanges. The easiest and most convenient way. If you can’t find any specialist, it’s easy to do it on the freelance exchange.

  • Use the search. If you need a person to create a website, with the help of a search engine you can gather individual specialists or find a team right away. Also, the best way is to choose a website agency. Of course, the company's services would cost you more, however, the website will be created at the highest level and, moreover, the development will be completed within a predetermined time frame. Just be sure to check out the reviews of the other users about the selected specialist or Magento eCommerce agency. This will help you to avoid optional people who do not fulfil the agreement.

Additional nuances

Of course, remote employees or freelance designers have very, very nice prices and the costs will be significantly less than contracting a website agency. However, when ordering a full website development you should understand that the result will primarily depend on the coordinated teamwork of all the specialists and this is only possible if they have previously created projects together. On freelance, it’s quite difficult to find the right people and organise their teamwork. Therefore, a team to develop a website from one website agency will be the best option. In most cases, the team of web developers who work in one company is more united, reliable and ready for fruitful cooperation. 

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