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Magento eCommerce agency: What eCommerce trends will be the most visible in 2021?

Today’s article is dedicated to the discussion of the possible upcoming e-commerce trends in 2021. There is no prerequisite that the development of the e-commerce industry will slow down in the next few years. On the contrary, this industry will continue to evolve and expand its sphere of influence. So, what e-commerce trends will be the most visible in 2021? Our Magento eCommerce agency in London (UK) would like to share some of the trends that in our opinion are likely to have the biggest impact on the e-commerce industry in the nearest future.

Hybrid options combining online commerce and real stores will gain traction 

Companies began offering buy-online and pick-up options long before the world was hit by the pandemic. However, the virus has accelerated the development of this area. This shopping experience allows people to enjoy many of the benefits of traditional forms of e-commerce without having to wait for delivery.

Statistics also show that about 90% of physical stores will start to offer this option in the coming years. These changes indicate that more and more companies and brands are realising the importance of moving at least part of the shopping process online. People value convenience, and the option of making a purchase online and then picking it up at a physical store is one way to meet the needs of today's consumers. We have experienced Magento developers who can install and configure the necessary modules to expand the standard functionality of your online store.

Blurring the lines between e-commerce and physical retail

Online sales work great for certain types of products, but they lose their advantage if the person wants to "touch" the item before buying it. This is why there is an increase in the number of online brands opening physical stores. Many companies that initially focused only on an online audience, over time begin to take advantage of having a real physical location where customers can directly assess the quality of their products.

If you look at current trends in the e-commerce world, this expansion into the real world will be observed for a long time, which, in turn, can positively affect online sales. This trend is important because many online brands find it difficult to grow after they have reached a certain limit while going offline increases the number of opportunities for business expansion.

Multichannel sales will remain relevant

In 2021, online retailers shouldn't rely solely on a website to attract the maximum number of potential customers. Multichannel sales were already on the rise in 2018, and today they are again coming to the fore. However, the methods used to connect with potential customers are becoming more and more diverse.

One of the creative marketing options was recently demonstrated by the television network Syfy, which offered viewers a special television episode that showed a selection of goods. Viewers could purchase them by scanning special codes with their smartphones. This marketing strategy is considered to be part of e-commerce, as shopping here requires the internet. In the coming years, more and more companies can be expected to use various innovative methods to attract new customers. If this happens, the advertising industry will face a major transformation.

The most detailed description of products

The research aimed at identifying trends in the field of e-commerce has shown that about 50% of people carefully study all the information about the product before making a purchase. Moreover, in many cases, it is a detailed description of the goods that convinces the buyers that they should buy them. 

With this trend in mind, online store owners should make the product information section as effective as possible. For example, it is a great move to add interactive content, videos or detailed tables with all the characteristics of the offered products or services. If before many people, when making online purchases, could only be guided by images, skimming through information about a product, today it is a detailed description of all the characteristics of a product that is the driving force that determines the likelihood of buying it.

We also want to draw your attention to a few key aspects which have a huge impact on your future site promotion. Your website should have unique content and the correct filling of the meta-information inside the site code. For the Magento store owners, we always recommend purchasing additional modules to expand the standard SEO capabilities of the Magento platform.

Direct interaction with customers

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of brands offering direct sales to its customers through e-commerce platforms. The companies that have survived the quarantine best of all, focusing on direct digital sales without the participation of intermediaries. Levi's, Colgate-Palmolive and PepsiCo are brands that are actively expanding the online retail space by providing their customers with exclusive opportunities. Direct interaction with customers is an effective strategy, as many people today have to spend most of their time at home.


The trends listed above have tremendous potential to significantly transform the e-commerce landscape. Even if online store owners do not plan to directly use these trends in their business, they should definitely consider them when planning their business goals and developing marketing strategies.

It is important to understand that these are only likely directions for the development of e-commerce. New trends appear regularly, therefore, in order to maintain high competitiveness and sustainable development, you must constantly keep your finger on the pulse and follow all the key changes in the industry.

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