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Website development: How to draw up a technical task for your project?

Any online store begins with a competently developed website. To get an effective and high-quality result, it’s best to involve experienced Magento eCommerce Agency or WordPress website agency who are able to take advantages of all the capabilities of the future website platform. To work with a website agency it is necessary to draw up a technical task for your online store and take into account the necessary functionality, features and needs.

Technical task: What is it and why you need it?

Technical task is a necessary part of any project, this would correlate the wishes of the customer and the capabilities of the developers, this would save time and eliminate possible conflicts. After all, technical task outlines the range of tasks that must be completed as a part of the website development.  

In order for the website agency to be able to fully implement the customer idea, it is necessary to structure it as detailed as possible, explain you vision of how the final version should turn out. Accordingly, technical task for the development of an online store should contain:

  • technical specifications;

  • marketing requirements;

  • design features.

Ideally, all the details of the functioning and type of website should be indicated in the statement of work - then the contradictions will be minimal, and the result will meet the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Technical specifications

The first stage, which includes the development of technical specifications for the creation of an online store website, is the determination of its functionality. It is about the details of the technical implementation of each page.

It all starts with a selection of CMS platform. It is determined by how the website is planned. Will it be a one-page or a significant structure. What are the requirements for design complexity.

Technical task should include:

  • description of the features of the functioning of the pages - standard and unique;

  • the presence and number of through elements, their location;

  • number of pop-ups;

  • a variety of forms for customer feedback that appear with a variety of customer actions.

The correct definition of such nuances from the beginning makes it possible to initially create the optimal structure, taking into account the ease of its addition in the future.

Marketing requirements

To write a correct technical task for the developers, special attention must be paid to the marketing requirements for the website. They should consider:

  • the specifics of products sold by the store,

  • target audience

  • features of perception of this particular category of goods.

That is, the nuances of the functioning of the website that will delay the attention of users should be taken into account. It is recommended that the technical task of the future website be clearly detailed so that the Magento eCommerce Agency can fully implement your project. 

Design requirements

Website design development is associated not only with the taste of the customer, but also should taking into account the psychology of the buyer. It adapts to the concept of a functional store.

  • fonts;

  • color gamut;

  • sound effects;

  • location of windows.

It meets all the requirements for the marketing unit, and its requirements are compiled taking into account the requirements for customers, and there will always be a significant difference.

Technical task development stages

Technical task is created by the customer, he must make and write it for the manufacture of the website. It is his vision, as it should be, embedded in this document. We can distinguish such stages of its creation:

  1. Statement of the task and identification of the basic requirements (one-page, landing page, corporate website or online store).

  2. Drafting and writing technical specifications for the development of the website, registration of future needed requirements and the search for inconsistencies in them. Because, if technical task is contradictory internally, it will not allow to create a quality product. Therefore, the contradictions must be eliminated before implementation.

  3. Coordination of technical task with Magento website agency. The fact is that some requirements can be difficult to implement, others are redundant. There may be various options for executing a task. To eliminate misunderstandings and contradictions, it is necessary to negotiate with the website agency the nuances of development before finally writing the technical statement.

  4. After that, all the smallest details are prescribed, the deadlines are discussed. And - no less important - the total costs of the work, given its complexity. Otherwise, due to the lack of a clear statement of the technical task, work can take many additional requirements and an astronomical budget.

For the greatest convenience of both parties, it is imperative, for reasons of efficiency, to create a statement of work for the website outlining such additional information:

  • about the company;

  • about the target audience;

  • desired sections that the customer needs;

  • necessary structural elements;

  • wishes regarding design, font characters, character sizes.

An important point is the creation of an effective dialogue with the buyer, respectively, the documentation should describe what filters are required, whether it is necessary to create a personal account, which options for online consultation are preferable.

It is necessarily provided that the website itself can be edited and various employees connected to this work; a calculation is needed on the effective website promotion.

Where can I find a good example of technical task?

It’s not necessary to invent it independently and choose blocks for it. On the Internet there is a fairly large number of samples of such materials, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable template and use it to create competent technical task.

The brief proposed by the Magento website agency should not be neglected. They can also write an example of a good technical task for developing a website for a programmer. Because they know the capabilities of those who undertake to do it. This, as a rule, is the result of work experience, which will make it easier to orient the programmer on how the product is seen by the customer, reduce financial costs and accelerate product development.


Competently and correctly compiling the technical specifications for the development of an online store for a website agency is one of the fundamental elements of the continued success of the outlet. Therefore, its compilation should be taken as seriously as possible. It is necessary to conduct research on the selection of samples of this kind of documents, to describe in detail the requirements that will be offered to the programmer. This will guarantee the effective operation of the website and a good level of sales.

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