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Drupal Agency Hiring Cost

Welcome to our blog! Today our web development agency would like to share with you some thoughts about CMS Drupal and its approximate cost to hire a Drupal agency in London (UK).

Drupal is a very flexible content management system and you can almost create any site: from the simplest sites to the most complex projects. Reading this article will help you to learn not only the cost of the development, even more, we will help you to understand whether Drupal is the right choice for your business.

We are always trying to understand what our customers do. For instance, if you are an artist and you need a website to post your works and contact details. Do you really need to hire professional Drupal developers? Not really, as you can download CMS Drupal from its official site for free, purchase a pre-built theme design, hosting, domain and begin the development yourself. However, to do all of that you would probably need to spend some time reading and watching tutorials on how to develop a Drupal site. What if you are a business owner? It’s more likely that you would have no time to start learning Drupal web development. After all, if you want to send out among your competitors or to add additional functionality -  you would definitely need the help of professional Drupal developers. 

Development stages:

  1. If you hire our Drupal agency we will first define whats your business plans and goals. We will assign you with one of our project managers to go through your future site technical requirements, approve pre-built theme design, the amount of the necessary pages and required additional functionality. When we fully understand your final site needs our manager will evaluate the project and provide you with the cost and terms of the development. If you are happy with the price and terms, our drupal developers will start work on your project.
  2. The development stage is normally between 2-3 month, each project has different requirements. At this stage, our specialist will create your site on Drupal, that is fully optimised for fast pages speed loading and making sure you have a responsive site for your mobile users. 
  3. The final stage is testing. You with us would need to check all of the functions of the website if we find any bugs we will fix it before we deploy the site to your virtual server.  

Approximate cost of hiring a Drupal agency

 Probably its time to discuss the main question, how much does it cost to hire Drupal developers? Please note: the price will always depend on the complexity of the project, we are given only a rough estimate. 

  1. Small corporate site or other not complex projects:

To develop a standard corporate website with different sections such as “Home/Services/About us/Portfolio/Blog/Contacts” would cost you about £5,000 to £10,000, again depending on the final amount of pages and blocks. 

  1. Marketplace or other large projects:

 As we mentioned before Drupal is a very flexible CMS, using that system you can make your own marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. This gives your users a possibility to sell or buy good making their own delivery terms and so on. Of course, developing a marketplace would be an expensive option where price could start from £15,000 to £50,000. 

Large scale corporate projects could cost from £10,000 to £25,000. The cost given in this article is only approximate figures and any Drupal agency would first require to study you site technical requirements before giving any evaluations.  

How to choose the right Drupal Agency?

There are many web development companies and choosing the right one is a very important aspect. We have crafted many projects using Drupal, moreover, our own site is made on Drupal. Our specialists are ready to deliver, you will receive fully optimised resource, this will result in fast pages speed and perfect ground to start your site SEO-Promotion. 

Before our web development company starts the implementation of your project we would need to approve your site technical requirements with detailed reference. To start the development we would require a minimum of 50% upfront payment toward the invoice. After the testing stage, you would need to pay the remaining amount to our bank account and we will deploy the site on your own server or hosting.  

You will also receive one month free of charge for content management, backups, support and maintenance services from our Drupal developers. 
Contact our Drupal agency in London (UK) today. With us your project in good hands and your success is our priority, we always interested to develop high-quality web resources and have a long-standing relationship with our customers providing you with support and maintenance.

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