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How to improve your Online Store?

First of all, you would need to imagine yourself as a buyer and go to the website. What are you looking for, is it colourful and beautiful pictures or astronomical discounts which make you doubt about the quality of the product? Or specific offers that will allow you to choose the best product at the best price? Do you ask yourself how can I distinguish a serious resource from the frivolous organisation? 

Three simple key points will help to convince a customer of the quality of an online store. Convenience. Trust. Informational content. 

More convenience - More sales 

People are lazy enough and prefer to have everything at hand, but with respect for their personal choice - i.e. without obsession. Therefore, the creation of a comfortable interface with clear search options and information systems will provide maximum comfort and freedom of the choice for the buyer and will be able to improve the online store. Delicate tips about promotions and related products will show respect for the guest. Constantly confusing, myriad pop-ups distract, annoy, cause a feeling of pressure. Accordingly, a “golden mean” is needed between effective communication and lack of obsession. 

Product Information

Resource design development includes providing a format that includes such parameters:

  • The maximum overview of individual products and their categories.

  • Good category structuring, understandable to any user.

  • Clear structuring of data blocks about an individual product (technical specifications, description, reviews).

  • A convenient way to any selling unit, without multiple transfers on the site.

A successful search system should make it possible to find the necessary products and compare them with similar products. We need a detailed filter system that allows the client to clearly outline expectations and displays the expected sales unit. 

In order to increase sales in the online store, it is necessary that the buyer sees an offer to purchase the really necessary related units, and in this case, it is reasonable to offer a discount or bonus for a complex purchase.

The convenience of the purchase process

The Buy button should be in a conspicuous place, constantly ready to be pressed when scrolling the page, but not overlap the image. A simple counselling system is needed, however, you should not make the windows for communication or a callback pop-up on a text or picture - this makes it difficult to read, annoying and repulsive.

It is recommended that information about the resource, delivery and payment be made available from anywhere on the website, then the visitor can easily make sure that paying and receiving the order will be easy. The information about various promotions should be noticeable but does not interfere with the search and reading, so the optimal placement of windows is extremely important. 

An additional element of comfort is the availability of alternative ways of ordering, in case of some kind of glitches on the page. It is worth specifying mobile, email or another communication channel through which the customers can buy what they want - this will keep the buyer even in emergency situations.

Professional UX design, when everything is clearly visible, will help to significantly improve the usability of the online store and ensure the convenience of choosing and making purchases, as well as increase the likelihood that the user will turn his attention to other products and make an additional purchase. If you find errors in the design and/or want to increase your sales, you need to conduct a usability audit and redesign the website to increase its functionality. 

You can order a website audit or redesign of your online store from our Magento Website Agency, qualified specialists of our company with extensive experience in website development will be able to cope with any task. 

Information completeness - a guarantee of efficiency

A high-quality information system will help improve your online store. It is necessary to provide maximum information, but when the visitor spends minimal efforts, with confidence in its reliability. If we are talking about a specialised point of sale, it is preferable to combine high accuracy of presentation with the use of terminology, otherwise, the website will not look professional. 

It is best to provide structured information about all products. Blocks of information about different products of the same category are best served in a constant sequence, to simplify the comparison. 

Product descriptions must contain: 

  • basic specifications with digital parameters,

  • demonstration of unique features,

  • a strictly defined scope of application,

  • if the model has any limitations, another one should be recommended that can remove them.

The navigation system is facilitated by a filter system for various parameters, from price to small technical details - it displays the user to the desired product that exactly matches his needs. 

The information content of the website increases the availability of data on product groups, manufacturing companies, and on necessary promotions that allow you to save. But promotional ads should not be made very intrusive - otherwise, the impression is that the website is overcrowded, it is not well thought out, it is an imposition of choice. A sufficient amount of information with minimal pressure on the client allows him to feel most pleasant, since the independence of choice implies respect for the individual, and not turning it into a puppet.

Trust is the result of awareness, respect, accuracy

Confidence in your online resource means that the buyer will return to it again. The main thing in creating a trusting atmosphere is maximum accuracy and transparency of all information and strict adherence to the proposed “game rules”.

Creating an online store requires a structure that allows the user to control all their actions, from searching to purchasing goods. The best option is to find experts in this field and hire a Magento eCommerce agency to help you with the creation of your online store.  

The creation of a personal account which “links” to the website and links to past communication. Indication of personal data in it facilitates simplifies the processing of new orders. Various prises and bonuses, small gifts, high-quality packaging when sending help you to build a good relationship with the customers. 

Personalisation of any visitor includes convenient feedback. A mandatory call or communication via e-mail when making a purchase makes a customer feel that he is dealing with live people and can get all the necessary tips or discuss any nuances.

A detailed description of the purchase process, a clear indication of payment and delivery options, the possibility of payment after receiving the goods and the possibility of its return - give the confidence in the protection of consumer rights.

Promote your credibility by indicating the physical address of the organisation, this will demonstrate a serious technical base. The presence of various communication channels makes the online resource reliable and guaranteeing that the order will be executed in any case. This gives a feeling of customer care and confidence in this outlet.


The comfortable structure, the most reliable, accurate and brief information with numbers is optimal for the users. This promotes trust, leads to you again and again. Correct structuring can significantly improve the work of the online store, increase customer return and increase sales.  

Also, do not forget about smartphone users, in 2019 their share increased significantly. This requires additional details during layout, so that the user can comfortably make purchases through a smartphone. This will require adaptive layout. Be sure to take care of this functionality at the development stage. A well-thought-out structure with sufficient ease of obtaining information, not overloaded, accessible for viewing from any devices, provides comfort, forcing the client to return.

Our Magento ecommerce agency has an individual approach to each client and ready to implement your project on a turn key basis, please drop us an email and our specialist will get in touch with you.

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