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We are building and maintaining many Magento sites on a regular basis, that why we would like to talk about the changing retail landscape and how Magento plans to help retailers to maximise their profits. Every year, Magento sells about £50 billion of various goods and products, which means that more than a quarter of all sites in the world use this open-source Magento e-commerce platform. 

"Just imagine how many people are working on the Magento platform and how much learning and innovation is happening all the time," says Magento CEO Mark Lavelle for EssentialEcommerce. In fact, 250,000 different businesses run on the Magento platform, and Magento development is the 300 partners of the company and an army of thousands of Magento developers around the world. "Magento will only be second only to Amazon when we're talking about a site, that's how massive the Magento ecosystem is," Lavelle says, noting that the company itself has fewer than 1,000 employees based in Cupertino, California. This is a great responsibility for our company, which has existed for less than ten years. Acquired by eBay in 2011, just at the end of last year, after the takeover, investment and extensive experience of a giant like eBay, Magento became an independent company. Lavelle had close ties to Magento when he was still serving as SVP business and strategy development for eBay, and after the company was spun off from the private equity fund Permira last November, he became CEO.

"Within eBay, Magento has grown to be the number one e-commerce vendor. We are now independent and we have acquired the Magento brand that is well known to both developers and systems integrators around the world." But Magento's path was rocky at the very beginning of its independence and was accompanied by a whole series of cyberattacks. One was last fall and the other at the end of January this year, which allowed attackers to gain access to confidential data. Of course, says Lavelle, Magento takes security seriously, acting quickly to patch any potential vulnerabilities. However, spinning off the company from eBay will make the business stronger, insists Lavelle, by giving it the ability to focus on retail technology innovation. “This is exactly what a small company can do - focus and act quickly,” he explains. "So our technology innovation will be much faster and our message and brand will be much clearer." Not just e-commerce "50-70% of a customer's buying preferences start on the digital platform, even if 80% originate in a store. 

Your brand is digital because your customer is digital." He says the days are over when retailers can think of commerce as a distinct segment. While retailers have begun to understand this over the past few years, the omnichannel movement is still new to many well-known brands that still haven't had much control over their product sales. 

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Over the past few years, brands have become Magento's largest growth area, enabling the company to meet broader B2B and D2C trade opportunities. These victories are evidenced by recent Magento customers like Jack Daniels, who certainly wasn’t your typical "retailers" before. “They have their own website, social media, and this allows them to interact with their customers everywhere. Magento helps them do that,” explains Lavelle. Building a Magento site allowed them to have a centralized wholesale channel and now they have orders coming from a website, or maybe a store in Manhattan, but they have to merge into one supply chain. It is at this stage that all orders are centrally managed. 

"Developing a website in Magento allows you to accept payments, manage stocks and relationships with your customers, and allows you to create seamless sales through various channels. "Brands like Oscar De La Renta and Christian Louboutin have created great websites in Magento and you know when companies like this use our platform, it helps them create their brand identity." Open-source e-commerce “Magento is actually known for being open source.“ This is what really sets us apart from many others on the market today, ”Lavelle says. Magento 2.0 was released last November and, like previous iterations, the core of the platform is open-source and available to anyone. Most importantly, retailers are not functionally locked out and allow companies to scale and upgrade their system to plug in their own functionality such as order management. Indeed, 3,000 of the 250,000 Magento businesses use their own customized enterprise management suite. 

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