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Magento development agency and your Magento store SEO optimisation

Welcome to Rocket Website Agency  blog!  Today we would like to share some thoughts about the standard SEO capabilities of Magento. We hope that our article and those knowledge will help those who are just  starting to learn Magento and trying to create their own Online store on Magento. Please remember that our Magento developers are always ready to help and take your site for ongoing maintenance and support. 

Our Magento agency also provides Magento express support services based on one the fixed payments, you can find more details on our "Website maintenance" section. 

Magento is an exclusive eCommerce solution and its standard package delivers a number of features that are necessary for the successful site promotion in search engines. One of the most important features is the ability to set friendly links for the store categories or products. Magento also allows setting META tags individually for each page, product or category. 

However, that's where standard SEO capabilities of Magento end.

Improve your Magento Store SEO Optimisation with additional Extensions

There are many modules that can extend the standard SEO capabilities of Magento. Our Magento developers have massive experience in modules  installation and its further rights configuration.  

Almost every Magento online store has thousands of products and it would be very difficult to add different meta tags for each product. With additional Magento SEO modules you can write a template for any category, according to which META tags and SEO descriptions of nested categories and products will be formed. Templates can contain any category or product properties.

So for example, for a certain category we can register an SEO description template for sub-categories: “In the {store_name} store you can buy {category_name} {brand_name}…“ and for goods “In the {store_name} store you can buy {product_name} by price {product_price}. {product_brand} has the color {product_color} ... “.

Usually the first page of each product list opens at two URLs: http: // (your-site-name) / [catalogue] /page.html and http:// (your-site-name) / [catalogue]  /page.html?p = 1. Moreover, both are present on the site and unfortunately search engines will index both of them. Because of this, content duplication occurs, which negatively affects the search results. With the help of modules you can eliminate this disadvantage. The site always uses only a URL like http: // (your-site-name) / [catalogue] /page.html, and the second option makes a 301 redirect to the main one.

Within the same category, filtering results usually contain the same or very similar content. In the eyes of the search engine, this is duplication - for several different URLs, we have almost the same result. As a result, the value of the product listing page drops dramatically for search engines.

To prevent this  you would need to install additional modules and adds the META tag <meta name = "robots" content = "NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" /> to the site header in all filtering results, except for single filters, which prohibits search engines from indexing duplicate pages.

You can always contact our Magento development Agency in London (UK) if you have any problems with your Magento website or you are not satisfied with your current Magento web development company. We have experienced Magento developers who will not only detect your site problems, but resolve all of the issues in the shortest time.

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