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Magento eCommerce agency

Magento is one of the most powerful and free open source solutions, however, to refine the required functionality, unlike the other platforms, you would need a good Magento eCommerce agency with experienced team of programmers. It's no secret that Magento in the basic version is a fairly complex system containing more than 200 tables in the database. 

Magento System Requirements 

Magento can be run on a dedicated server or VPS with any operating system. It can be either Windows or a UNIX system (the performance on the latter will be much higher). As a web server, you can use any of your choice: apache, Nginx or Lighttpd. Also, of course, you need PHP 5.2+ with mcrypt and mhash extensions and MySQL 4.1.20+ in InnoDB mode.

As for the server configuration, it is desirable to have 512 MB of RAM and a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz or higher, but from our experience developing an online store on Magento you would need to have at least 4 GB, or better, as much RAM as possible, so that all modules of the system can work stable, and your store can withstand up to a million visitors per day.

Key Features of Magento

Magento allows you to change the description of products and categories at the HTML level. You can prepare and include your own template for each specific product or category, which gives an advantage in convincing the visitor of the need to purchase this product. An example is the replacement of the background image with a dark one and the correction of the colour scale for game goods (joysticks, rudders, etc.) that dictate modern design trends.

For all pages, you can set your own meta tags description and keywords. Magento can also automatically create a sitemap.xml file. Although this file has practically no use recently, its presence can speed up the process of finding pages by search engines, which are difficult to get through the navigation.

All other features are standard for modern panels of online stores and are beyond the scope of this article.

Functionality, Usability and SEO

These three components can lead your online store to success. Functionality and search engine optimization depends on 90% of the platform on which the online store is built. Usability depends on the Magento eCommerce agency you are entrusted with creating the online store.

Magento was chosen as the platform by such well-known and large companies like Lenovo, Nestle, Nokia, Olympus, Samsung, Skype, Bvlgari, Gucci, Swarovski, Tiffani & Co, Yves Rocher.

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