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Magento website development

We are Magento Website Agency in London, who offers professional Magento website development services based on of the best e-commerce platform CMS Magento. If you need a reliable, efficient and cost-effective website, then Magento is your choice. With the help of Magento platform, you can bring your business to the worlds market, optimize its promotion and create a high-quality advertisement at relatively low costs. Market giants, such as Nokia, Nestle, Lenovo, Gucci and many others chose Magento platform, thanks to the almost endless toolkit and the most powerful and flexible engine for online stores. 

Why Rocket Website Agency?

Over the five years of developing websites on CMS Magento, we have formed a team of professional programmers and designers who have fully mastered the development of sites on Magento. Our team creates a stable and high-quality product, uses the latest development methods and constantly monitors market trends. Website design is created based on a complete study of the niche in which your business is located. The development process involves direct interaction with the customer and their approval of each step.

When to Use Magento

Magento content management system should be used for relatively complex online stores with a wide range of functionality and nomenclature.

Magento Maintenance

General maintenance of the website could be done by the owner of the resource and it does not require any special training, however fine-tuning or creating additional software modules will require the participation of highly skilled technical specialist. Magento system demanding more server resources if compared to other e-Commerce platforms.

We provide the following Magento Services : 

  • Consulting

  • Optimization of congested portals

  • Development of modules for payment, delivery, accounting of customer base, etc.

  • Enable and configure third-party services

  • Creation of visual themes on an individual order

  • SEO-optimization of content

  • Setting up the work of several stores on one platform 

Features of Magento platform:

  • Creating several websites and combine them into a single network, this would give a proportional sale increase and generate more income with minimal financial costs.

  • Magento allows you to manage all of your data and adjust the price level depending on a visitor’s category.

  • Convenient and colourful catalogues along with detailed descriptions, illustrations and features. Products could be linked to each other by similarity, individual auto-tuning recommendations for each customer.

  • The price could be indicated in any currency with a quick conversion in accordance with current exchange rates                                      

Full range of Magento features are listed below.

Analytics and reports

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Admin Toolbar for Browse Messages

  • Sales report

  • RSS feed with new orders

  • Tax report

  • Cancelled Orders Report

  • Most Viewed Products Report

  • Most Purchased Product Report

  • Report on a small balance of goods in stock

  • Report on phrases and words used in the search

  • Product Review Report

  • RSS feed with new reviews

  • Shortcut Report

  • New shortcuts RSS feed

  • Coupon Usage Report

  • Total Shipment Report

  • Total funds received

  • Best Customer Report - Total Number and Number of Orders 

Product View

  • Multiple images of each item

  • The ability to zoom the product image

  • Product Description

  • Related Products

  • Stock Availability

  • Multiple Price Presentation

  • Product selection option

  • Grouped Product View

  • Ability to add wishes

  • The ability to send a friend a message about the availability of goods by e-mail

Catalogue view

  • Hierarchical multi-level product search filters

  • The Static Block tool for creating a category of pages of the same subject

  • The ability to assign a unique design to a product/category

  • Configurable search with automatic search parameter spacing

  • Recently Viewed Items

  • Product Comparison

  • Recently Compare Products

  • Cross sales, top sellers and related products

  • Popular phrases and words used in the search

  • Product Label Filter

  • Product Reviews

  • Display products by table or list

  • Saving the path to the object being viewed

Directory Management

  • Warehouse management taking into account currently missing goods, minimum and maximum quantities

  • Batch loading and unloading a directory

  • Product List Updates in the Admin Panel

  • Simple, configurable (for example, size, colour, etc.) and grouped products, virtual products and digital-electronic products (for example, digital books, posters, wallpapers, programs. It is possible to download such products after purchase)

  • Tax rates based on location, customer group and product type

  • Sets of individual attributes of different types for quick creation of goods

  • Creation of specific characteristics of a product for a warehouse in the process of its description

  • Media manager with automatic image resizing and watermarking

  • Improved pricing rules and support for special prices (see marketing tools)

  • Correction of the product search mechanism in accordance with the changes

  • Confirm, edit and delete product labels and reviews

  • RSS feed for low stock alert

Customer accounts

  • Order Status and History

  • Customer reorders

  • Recently ordered items

  • Unlimited Address Book

  • Default billing and delivery addresses

  • Custom-made products with the ability to add comments

  • Email or RSS feed for use with custom products

  • Newsletter Subscription Management

  • Providing product labels and reviews

  • Toolbar for a brief overview: recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, primary delivery address, shopping cart, wish list (custom products), recently ordered items, recent views and recent labels

Customer service

  • Contact Us Form

  • Special accounts for VIP customers

  • Order History with Status Updates

  • Customer Order Tracking

  • Password recovery by e-mail from the user or from the administration group

  • Emails showing orders and invoice updates

  • Customizable emails to place an order

  • Creating and editing orders from the store admin panel on Magento

Order management

  • View, edit, create and execute orders from the admin panel

  • Creation of one or several accounts, preparation and execution of a loan when fulfilling orders, taking into account separate execution

  • Printout of bills and packing lists

  • Call centre (includes the ability to create a new customer or select an existing one, view the basket, wishlist, last purchased goods, and a comparative list of products, as well as select addresses, receive discounts and set personal prices)

  • Creating reorders for customers from the Magento store administration group

  • Order Email Notifications

  • RSS feed for new orders


  • Authorization and payment or only authorization, and payment after shipment

  • Various means of integration into the PayPal payment system:
    — Standard payment, exclusive payment (express and direct), exclusive UK payment (Express and Direct), and exclusive PayPal PayFlow (all payments via the website)

  • Integrated with

  • Integrated with Google control (level 2)

  • Secure credit card payments for offline payments

  • Acceptance of checks/money transfers

  • Accepting Purchase Orders

  • Additional payment methods available through Magento Connect:
    Fontis Australia
    — Cybersource
    — Protx
    — Tweakmag payment
    — SPPLUS
    — Fontis New Zealand
    — eWAY
    — Chrono pay
    — ePay
    — Paybox
    — iDEAL
    — online service Flo2Cash
    — Protx Direct payment module
    — Cybermut
    — module dla lento
    — Payone
    — PaySimple
    — UOS payment module
    — Fontis paymate
    — Fontis payment express


  • Integrated shipping cost calculation by companies: UPS, UPS XML, FedEx, USPS and DHL

  • Delivery to multiple addresses in one order

  • Tracking order delivery from the customer’s page

  • Splitting an order into multiple deliveries

  • The ability to determine the delivery method to a particular country

  • Single rate for order delivery

  • A single rate for the delivery of a particular product

  • Free shipping

  • Cost table for weight and destination

  • Cost table for total products and destination

  • Cost table for the total quantity of goods and destination

The control

  • Single page for monitoring

  • Support for SSL-security when working with orders, from start to finish

  • Delivery to several addresses in one order

  • The control of actions at the guest entrance to the site

  • Shopping cart is inclusive of taxes and delivery.

  • Account Control When Using Address Book

  • Option to create an account at the beginning of control

  • Acceptance of gift messages for each order and for each product

  • Saving a shopping cart with a custom expiration date 

Search Engine Optimization

  • 100% search engine friendly

  • Google sitemap

  • Updating page addresses allows you to fully control them

  • META Tag Information for Products and Categories

  • Auto-generated site map to display on the site

  • Auto-generated page search principles

International support

  • Multilingual interface

  • Support for different currencies

  • Tax rate support

  • Localization

  • Configurable list of valid countries for:
    — Registration on the site
    — Delivery to address with the ability to determine the delivery method
    — Address definitions for bill delivery with the ability to define a payment method

Marketing Tools and Promotions

  • A flexible method of coupons (pricing rules) with the ability to bind to the warehouse, customer group, time period, product and product category (For example: discount percentage | fixed discount | free delivery | Buy A, get B for free. | Buy A, get B with a percentage or set discount | Buy A, get a free shipping order | Buy A, get a percentage discount | Buy A, get a fixed percentage discount.)

  • Catalogue of goods with a percentage or established discount with the possibility of linking to the warehouse, product and product category

  • Free shipping option

  • Recalculation of the price taking into account several discounts

  • Special price for a customer or customer group, product or product group.

  • Campaign Landing Page

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • Recently Viewed Items

  • Recently Compare Products

  • New Product Selector

  • Super sales in order basket

  • Cross-selling on product pages

  • The ability to send a message to a friend for all visitors or only for registered users

  • Email wish list to a friend or RSS

  • RSS feed for new products, new features and new shortcuts

  • Auto-generated sitemap

  • Google sitemap

  • Polls

  • Manage news feeds

Site management

  • Manage multiple websites and outlets from a single Magento admin panel with the ability to cover only the information you need

  • Multilingualism

  • Localization support

  • Support for a variety of currencies

  • Accounts Supporting Administration and Basic Users

  • Flexible tax rate management for the US and international markets

  • Fully customizable project using templates

  • Customer groups

  • One-Click Upgrades

  • Information page content management system

If you are looking for eCommerce website development agency, please contact us for additional information, we will discuss the costs of the project and time of its implementation.


Feel free to contact us:

+44 (0) 20 3807 7348

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