If we talk about SEO-promotion in general, it boils down to three main points:

1. Creation of unique and useful content;

2. Building a good reference mass;

3. Technical website optimisation.

It would seem what else is needed? But there are few things that can reduce all your efforts to nothing. We have compiled the main pitfalls and risks that you should consider when promoting your website.

SEO is an ongoing process.

If you decide that you are in need of SEO promotion in organic search, you should understand: there is no final stop on this path.

No matter how much effort you make and no matter how good is the result, there will still be negative influence factors: the actions of competitors, changing market conditions, new algorithms, and much more.

SEO promotion can be compared to sports: if you stop training, your competitors will get ahead of you over time.

Technical errors and CMS selection

Technical errors one day can ruin months of work. Therefore, when making significant changes to the website, the web developer must consult with an SEO specialist. Make website backups regularly and use version control systems such as GIT.

What do you need to know before you start website development? It is very important to choose the right platform on which the website will work. The possibility of implementing certain tasks depends on this.

Most modern engines already have many SEO modules, but not everything is convenient to use for solving specific problems, especially if you choose a custom platform for your website development.

Think in advance about what third-party services will be on your website and how this can affect the process of SEO promotion in the future.

SEO is often random.

For ranking websites, Google governs hundreds of different factors. Even the Google employees themselves do not fully understand how their search engine works. Most algorithms are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Knowing this, seasoned SEO specialists create several sites of the same topic at once in order to get TOP positions in a certain niche. Why is that?

Even if you choose the same promotion strategy for two websites of the same subject, and you perform the same actions, the results of one and the other website can radically different.

Promotion of a new website

If you are launching a new website, then you need to be patient. Promoting young resources is not fast, and here the matter is not in the prevailing myth that the website is in the sandbox. The point is in a competitive environment. A young website needs time for search engines to collect enough data about it. Only then will it start to rank well.

To get the result faster, for behavioural factors, you can launch the website traffic through social networks or use contextual advertising. Even if you don’t have Google Analytics installed, Google will still receive data through its Google Chrome browser, which is installed by most users. You can still deploy a new website on the old thematic domain, or stick it to a new website.

Constant updating of algorithms

Minor changes to the algorithms of the search engines are made every day and several times a year global updates are released that can significantly affect the results of searching results. What worked yesterday may not work today.

If your website’s positions have deteriorated, it’s best to find out as soon as possible, so regularly monitor them through the position monitoring services and compare them with the release dates of search engine updates. The challenge is to begin to take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

SEO is a teamwork

If you think that finding one SEO specialist on freelance and allocating money for links and texts to him would help you to enter the TOP positions in a competitive niche, then you are mistaken.

Sometimes, the website simply does not allow you to make flexible settings to the requirements of SEO-promotion and requires significant costs for the work of related professionals.

In 2020, to achieve a competitive result, you would need:

1. Strategist or Internet marketer;

2. Copywriter;

3. Programmer and layout designer;

4. SEO specialist;

5. The designer.

In most cases, contacting a professional WordPress website agency is more profitable than keeping such a staff of specialists in your office. Any website requires constant improvements, experiments, work on content, design and usability.


SEO promotion should not be the only channel for attracting customers. If you promote a website in search, you should take care of other traffic channels, since the cost of an error is very high. If paid traffic can still be paused or restarted, then SEO reloads may not occur in the event of critical errors.

Once we were approached by a customer who for a long time received clients from the Google search. But when he redesigned the website, he lost all positions. The developers of the new website did not maintain the link structure and did not redirect, moving the website to a new engine. As a result, from 1,500 people a day the website dipped to 200. What happened to the number of orders, I think, you guess yourself.

Negative actions of competitors.

In the struggle for a place in the TOP results, many competitors can use various black methods, which can lead to a decrease in your positions.

DDOS attacks

In simple terms, the essence of this attack comes down to the maximum load on your website. Tens of thousands of computers infected with the virus are trying to simultaneously enter your website, thereby creating a constant load on the server.

As a result, your server crashes and stops responding. The faster you restore the website, the better. If you use the services of cheap hosting providers, your account can simply be disabled even with minor loads, and even more so, with DDOS attacks. Choose to host with reliable protection against DDOS attacks, or use services that can protect the website with software and hardware. 

Content theft

Your unique texts can copy other resources. This can be done manually or to automate the process through scripts and bots. If Google indexes your text on a third-party website first, the source of the content will not be you.

To avoid such problems, always add the pages of your site for indexing through the Search Console after the publication of new content.

How to check the source of content? There is an inaccurate but in most cases a working option. Copy the line of the text on your website and paste it into the Google search bar, quoting “here is your text”. The website located higher in the issuance, in most cases, will be the primary source of content.

Link spam

Competitors can purchase tens of thousands of links from irrelevant websites to your website. Such a surge may adversely affect the position of the website. If you notice a sharp appearance of irrelevant links to your website, it is advisable to use a tool to reject backlinks.

Hacking a website

Any website can be hacked, especially if you use popular CMS. Using vulnerabilities in CMS or plugins, attackers can put hidden links on your website or even redirect all traffic to another website.

Wrong strategies

Insufficient immersion in the client’s business and the pursuit of traffic can lead you to nowhere. Promoting a niche store and marketplace requires a different approach. Moreover, even in one niche and similar types of business, budgets, resources and methods of promotion will differ significantly.

Take, for example, the theme of “Musical Instruments”. Depending on whether these are professional high-value tools or budget offers for beginners, the promotion strategy will be different. It all depends on the specifics of the target audience.

Beginners and amateurs can search for common queries, and professionals know the exact characteristics of the goods. In pursuit of traffic, you can spend your promotion budget inefficiently and miss a number of targeted requests.


SEO promotion is one of the cheapest channels to drive traffic but minor errors can significantly affect the results of his work. Over 7 years of practice in website promotion, we have seen that SEO is always teamwork, and it has a flip side.

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