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Web development company: how to choose the right CMS for your future website?

There are many websites without an engine - they do not need it in principle and it can not be broken, it loads quickly and is stable. But when it comes to corporate resources or online stores, you can't do it without a CMS. Our web development company in London works with any CMS and have a big experience working with Magento, WordPress, and Drupal. We also offer optimization and promotion services, in our hands, your resource will have the highest performance indicators and have 24/7 website support!

There is a large selection of different engines, and each of them is suitable for creating a certain type of website. There are also universal - with their help you can generate a product for any purpose, regardless of the subject. If you need more than one static page - then you can not do it without a CMS, but what CMS to choose always depends on the final project requirements.

Advantages of using the CMS

Our company has developed different projects and we know all ins and outs of every CMS available in the market. Rocket web development company is more than happy to share our experience with you!

The advantages of free CMS:

  • a large number of ready-made modules;
  • no need to be tied to one company
  • fast page generation speed


Popular, adaptive, widespread, and easy to use WordPress covers about 65% of all websites on the Internet. It is widely used to create:

  • landing pages
  • corporate websites;
  • small online stores.

The advantages of the platform are obvious: sufficient free solutions, open code, a large number of additions for use in various fields, prevalence, and available information. We are ready to implement any of your ideas using the WordPress engine. The only disadvantage of WordPress that is not suitable for large portals.


Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms widely used to create online stores and large corporate portals. We have developed many online stores using Magento, all of our works well-optimized, and have a high loading speed. We are the best Magento website agency in London, ready to integrate different modules,  solve cache problems, and promote your online store to the TOP of Google search ranking.


At Rocket we considering Drupal as one of the most popular and demanded platforms for many years, it's a unique content management system. Drupal has a wide range of different features and functions that can be used for various website development purposes and build complex web products. Drupal is equipped with an excellent search engine, it has the ability to place different language versions in one domain. The functionality is represented by numerous modules, most of which are free. There are modules that provide reliable protection against spam, check the correctness of filling out forms, complex work with images, editing meta tags, and others.

Drupal is an extremely flexible system. In “right hands”, it's capable of creating and maintaining fantastic projects. The decision to create a site on the CMS Drupal will never make you doubt its correctness. Our specialists are fluent in programming languages and know how to handle Drupal CMS. We can help you create a successful and promising Internet resource.

If you are looking for a competent web development company and your business needs a new website or you need support with your current site - you are definitely in the right place! Rocket company develops, optimize, promote, and maintain websites for many years, we are the best web development company in London (UK).

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