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At Rocket Website Agency we want our customers to know all ins and outs of website development. First of all, it is very important to clearly identify the subject of the project, describe the goals and have a clear vision/idea of the result. How you will target the right audience and promote your resource? Site structure, design and graphics, security issues, understanding of software and technical support – these are important technical specifications.  At the stage of formulating technical specifications, the customer should know his budget, clearly present a time frame of the project and discuss the rights and obligations with the contractor, including the possibility and permissible limits of changes/additions to the terms of reference during the work on the project. Make enquiries and discuss the cost of services or the package of services you will need.

Content management system – is also a very important question. Any website will contain a lot of information blocks, images, news selections, etc… The management system is something that combines all the sections of the resource together and unfortunately, usually the choice depends on the budget. The other integral part is choosing the domain and hosting, as you will need to place your site materials on the server. Very important is to obtain information from your provider about the amount of disk space, traffic, security and the costs of the services. For the business proposes we would only recommend to pay for your hosting, this would give you technical support and maintenance. 

SEO optimization is also an important part of any project and needs to be taken into account at the early stages. If your contractors create an illiterate website it could be blacklisted by search engines, that’s why registering a resource in catalogues, it is important to take into account the subject matter, the specifics of the website and place not only contacts and the link address, but also the logo and photos. The need of a logo leads to the next part of the project – development of the style and design, after the graphics it is necessary to move on to the layouts and content information of the website. A professionally created website should combine images, informativeness and technicality. 

At the final stage of the project, the contractor should run the tests and present the finished product to the customer. The contractor should be prepared to answer all the questions and make necessary adjustments if any needed. 

We hope this information was useful, if you need any help, please contact our Rocket website agency in London.


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