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 Sites development on a turnkey basis and their further SEO promotion is the main activity of the Rocket website agency! Every project is developed individually for each customer and his technical requirements.

Why work with us? 

1. We immediately tell you about all the pitfalls that can be encountered if you want to order a turnkey website.

2. Your time is very precious to us, therefore we initially name the real terms of order fulfilment.

3. We name the real cost of your project, in which we immediately include the price of the finished order. We do not have any additional payments, which are practised in firms with a meagre initial project cost.

4. Our website development company approach every project individually, creating an exclusive digital solution and a strategy to promote your web resource. If you don’t need the full range of our services, you always can order individual services that your site requires and pay only for the selected services. 

Usually, a simple project has at least three people working on it. If we very roughly bring their total time into one, that’s what a designer draws, a programmer writes and another person registers in search engines and catalogues, and so on - we can summarize it into one virtual worker.

This will result in approximately 2-3 weeks of work. Add to this the week that will be spent on paperwork, we get about a month of working time, so the cost of one simple site is equivalent to about a month of work of one person. 

Since we have our own website development company and experience of previous projects, therefore, we can do complex and responsible work quickly and with better quality. People like designers, programmers and SEO specialists work in parallel, so depending on the complexity of the project, it can be completed much faster than in a month. But this is still the time and work of many people. Question: how much, in your opinion, can a person receive in a month who has been working for several years and making site after site? That's about how much it may cost to order a mid-level website. Of course, we have already worked out a lot of questions and this greatly reduces the cost of complex projects, but some of the work is done exclusively for you and this requires a certain amount of time. 

Our website development company in London (UK) ready to offer: 

1) Comprehensively conduct research on the demand of your market segment. Show the result visually in numbers and graphs using the statistics of search queries and statistics of page views.

2) Provide professional SEO services and conduct an analysis of the site's competitors in order to choose a strategy to promote your Internet resource increasing positions in search engines.

3) Become your official representative on the Internet. The site will be useful for current clients, as it will contain all the necessary information about your company: answers to frequently asked questions, feedback system, information about the company, working hours, specifics of work, and more. Such a website will be able to attract a large number of new customers.

4) Show how effectively the money was invested in the site. What kind of impact it gives. How do users learn about the site, what they are interested in, how much time they spend on viewing, how many people are the target audience of your site, and more.

Rocket website development company in London (UK) ready to assist you with site development on a turnkey basis. We crafted many projects and with us, you are definitely in safe hands. Order website development and SEO promotion from us to be ahead of your competitors.   


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