Our WordPress Website Agency always follows the news related to web development and we also want our customers to stay informed. Last Thursday, CEO of “Awesome Motive” Syed Balkhi announced that his company had acquired the All in One SEO Pack plugin. Michael Torbert, the creator of the plugin, first released it in 2007. Since then, the plugin has been downloaded over 65 million times and it is currently active on over 2 million WordPress websites. 

“Awesome Motive” company has bought this plugin for to main reasons. “Firstly, because our users constantly asked us to create a plugin for SEO that would be as simple and affordable as possible,” said Said. “The users needed an SEO plugin that was reliable and efficient, as is the case with SaaS programs.” The second reason was that Said did not want the plug to be donated by third-party owners. “All in One SEO played an important role in the history of WordPress website development, also in the history of the WPBeginner website (since it was the first SEO plugin I used), and today there are so many users who rely on this solution to optimise their websites.” 

“I am pleased that I handed over the plugin to the excellent company Awesome Motive, and I am glad to see that the All in One SEO Pack will now be under your leadership,” said Torbert to Balkhi's statement.

The All in One SEO Pack plugin has always been widely accepted by WordPress users. However, in recent years, Yoast SEO has begun to push it. Currently, Yoast SEO is installed on 5+ million sites. There are also other plugins on the market, such as the SEO Framework. In addition, novice Math SEO plugin is also gaining popularity. There is a lot of competition among the SEO plugins today - much higher than during the heydays of the All in One SEO Pack.

“The market for SEO plugins is certainly very dense, however, I feel that all the competition here is only in the number of offers,” said Said. - "Wordpress is currently flourishing as a platform, and therefore users have a certain freedom of choice, including in terms of which SEO plug-in to install on the website."

Said has an innate ability to grow WordPress products. Currently, more than 14 million websites use its solutions and plugins. In 2009, he launched WP Beginner, a site about WordPress. Since then, he has also launched OptinMonster, a conversion optimisation toolkit; WPForms, form constructor; MonsterInsights, a plugin for Google Analytics; etc. In 2019, his company released RafflePress, a plugin for contests and raffles. 

Said noted that he does not manage all these products on his own. “The whole point is that I work with very talented people in the WordPress ecosystem who are my partners in many endeavours,” he said. “Without my partners and the rest of our awesome Awesome Motive team, none of this would have worked.”  Now the question is whether his company will be able to increase the audience of the plugin while making a profit.

“Our growth plan for next year and beyond is to create an SEO plugin aimed at newcomers and business owners who are technically less well-versed,” said Said. - “Users need an SEO plugin that is reliable, has an exceptional customer support and aims to achieve results. When we meet these three criteria, we can significantly stand out from the competition. ”

With the exception of Torbert himself, the entire All in One SEO Pack team will join Awesome Motive and continue to work on the plugin. “Some team members used to work part-time, but now they will work full time. The development team has now really expanded! ”Said Said. Benjamin Rojas will play a leading role in plugin management. He was previously a senior member of the OptinMonster team. The company also plans to add two new people in the future.

Future of “ALL IN ON SEO PACK”

The current version of the All in One SEO Pack plugin (3.3.5) looks a bit dated. There is no integration with the block editor in the plugin; it still uses the old meta-field system. Settings pages do not fit well with the WordPress admin UI. Adjusting these weaknesses will allow getting some bonuses in the short term.

The mission of the All in One SEO Pack, like any other SEO plugin, should be to make hard things simple.  SEO plugins are often very difficult to configure and sometimes the experience of interaction is simply overloaded with various details. The average user does not have to be an SEO expert. He should not spend half an hour setting SEO parameters.

“Everyone, with the exception of SEO experts and consultants, considers SEO optimisation to be something very complicated and confusing,” said Said. “How do you know if your SEO settings are effective?” Is everything really so beautiful and smooth? ” The company regularly receives these questions from users. “Unfortunately, there is no single solution on the market that would cope with all the problems.” If we evaluate the current situation on the market, we can conclude that we have either SEO-plugins of the “set and forget” type, or powerful harvesters with hundreds of options. The Golden Mean is completely failed.

Said is not yet ready to publish the plugin roadmap. “I have many plans to improve the product, and I am very glad that some of our internal SEO tools will fall into the final solution,” Said commented on the situation.

In conclusion, we would like to say that if you think that creating a website yourself can save a ton of money, please think carefully. Your website will always look more professional and will make a good impression on your customers if it is created by a professional WordPress Website Agency, and not an amateur. In the long run, a good website will give you a big return. 

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