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What is CMS WordPress

CMS Wordpress (abbreviated as WP) is the most popular CMS content management systems. In Wordpress, you can conveniently change the content of the website without resorting to the services of web studios. This site management system is completely free and extremely easy to manage. Wordpress is excellent if you need a simple website, a promotional website, business card website, landing page or a corporate website. WordPress CMS is so widespread in the website development market with a huge number of ready-made templates and they are very high-quality, especially in terms of design. Therefore, if you are inclined to make a simple website on a template, then CMS Wordpress is your choice! For complex projects, there is a different solution - Magento CMS Development. 

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Benefits of CMS Wordpress

WP has lots of different opportunities, we are highlighting only the main features and advantages:

  • At the moment CMS Wordpress is the easiest and most convenient to manage by any customer in the world of website development. That is what makes it so popular. However, we want to note, that this feature works only if all of the parts of the front-end * (visible to the user part of the site) are attached to the CMS directly. Unfortunately, some customers are bribed by low costs of freelance services and in majority cases most of the website ending up not attached to the CMS. A huge number of paid and free templates and extensions (plugins) that can be installed with one click. Thus, WordPress development, as well as improvements to the site on Wordpress, will cost you an order of magnitude cheaper than in paid or little-known CMS.
  • Everything is free, including the basic functionality of all the most necessary and useful extensions to WordPress CMS, the following distributed free of charge (on the principle of “Free to play” - for the advanced functionality you will need to pay). If you want and have an extra budget, you can switch to paid versions of extensions, but usually, it is not necessary, since free functionality is enough (plugins are usually done according to the “Pareto principle” - 20% of free functionality gives 80% of the benefit).
  • Low costs for the maintenance and development website on Wordpress. This system is simple not only for the customers but also for the developers. That’s why almost any web studio will be able to work with your website or project and at the same time don’t overstating the costs for their services.
  • It is easy to scale the website, and even switch from a business card website to an online store. This is also facilitated by the fact that paid templates for Wordpress are usually made in such a way that they contain a design for almost any type of site - they have built-in pages for an online store, pages for a catalogue site, landing page and other useful types of pages.
  • Mobile devices adaptation. Back-end ** (part of the site for filling it) and almost all new paid templates are fully adapted for mobile devices.

Disadvantages of CMS WordPress

It would be not right to say that WordPress is the best CMS and everything could be done on it, unfortunately not, but for some project or particular cases, it can be best suited. It is important to know the disadvantages of CMS WordPress and understand if it worth choosing.  

The first problem with WordPress is that this platform has an open-source code and the chances of being hacked are high. In view of this, both novice developers and not only novice hackers train their skills at it. Hackers are not so guilty as developers without experience, that’s why it is very important to choose the right contractor. Our website studio has its own team of highly skilled and experienced developers, which install and configure additional plug-ins to protect a website from the hacking, this would reduce the probability of hacking to zero.

WordPress is not very suitable for the development of complex sites, such as online stores. Many will say that of course, you can make any site on WP, which is essentially doable, however, we still advise you not to use this CMS for such developments and to use specialized systems for the same online stores, such as CMS Magento or OpenCart. WordPress CMS was originally positioned as a CMS for creating personal blogs, CMS Magento or OpenCart are leading e-Commerce platforms.


Due to simplicity and convenience, working in the back-end of CMS Wordpress is a real pleasure. In our opinion this is the most important in work with this CMS:

Updating plugins, as well as the CMS core, is extremely simple – all can be done with one click. Also, starting with the latest versions of Wordpress, the core of this CMS is updated automatically without the need for developer intervention.

Basic SEO parameters, such as meta description, meta keywords and page title in the browser, can be configured separately for each page of the site. You can also optionally install free SEO plugins to better configure these parameters, as well as to analyze the results of their filling.

WordPress gives the possibility to create the content of almost any complexity - with the insertion of tables, galleries, videos, etc. This functionality in Wordpress is well designed.

Visual Composer plug-in should be mentioned separately, this free of charge plug-in used in almost all of the latest templates. It allows an ordinary person to form the pages of a website, perhaps of any complexity and without knowledge of the website development. Do you want to insert a slider - please, a news block with their automatic withdrawal from CMS - just click here and here, the order or feedback form - no problem!

Different language versions, order forms for every taste, plugins for protection and SEO-promotion - all this is available for free and could be installed directly through the CMS itself.

Unique design

Despite the fact that on CMS Wordpress the development is carried out on a ready-made website template, it is still possible to create a website with a unique design. For this, typesetters and programmers create a template according to the design instructions received from the designer. This template is transmitted to the customer separately from the website itself. As a result, if it is necessary to create a new design for the website, all you need is create a new template using the same scheme and connect it to the website instead of the current one. All content remains safe and will be integrated into the new template.

Template solutions 

Wordpress system is ideal for website development on a template, as well as on a template with a redesign ***. Template costs are various from 50 to 100 pound for a template and you can get a ready-made site. This definitely gives your budget a good save and even if you need to order a redesign, this will cost 5-10 times cheaper than creating a unique design. This option allows you to save on website development, and maybe as an option use the saved money on Internet marketing (SEO-promotion, contextual advertising, SMO, etc.), which is extremely necessary especially at the time of starting a business.

CMS WordPress suites to:

  • Small companies (1-20 employees), especially start-ups

  • Individual entrepreneurs or sole traders

  • Non-profit low-budget organizations - public associations, charitable organizations, etc.

Our works:

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* Front-end — part of the site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, this is the site itself - the main and its internal pages that the user sees.

** Back-end — the part of the site that is inaccessible to ordinary visitors to the site, but accessible to the site owner by login and password. Here the employees of the company owning the site can edit and add content for the site: texts, pictures, logo, menu links and so on.

*** Redesign template — changing the design of the template in accordance with the brand book (logo, colours, etc.) of the company/customer’s organization, and so that only a web programmer can guess the use of the template. 

Development timeline

The timeline for any project directly depends on its complexity. The more complex the project, the longer it takes to develop. 

Our timeframes:

  • Website on template * - from 1 to 2 weeks

  • Website on redesigned template ** - from 2 to 4 weeks

  • Website with a unique design - from 4 to 8 weeks

Why companies choose us:

  • The possibility of subsequent SEO-promotion of the site by the developer

  • Site protection against hacking and attacking

  • Technical Warranty up to 12 months

  • Technical Support – Monday to Friday, 9 am. – 5 pm.

  • Invaluable 5 year experience


* Template — half-finished site with an already developed design. Using the template significantly reduces the time and cost of website development.

** Template with redesign — template with changing colours, fonts and other elements to the level corresponding to the corporate style of the customer.

*** CMS (Content Management System) — special software (software) that allows you to change the site settings (sections, buttons, etc.) and the content (texts, photos, videos) of the site to any person without the knowledge of a programmer.