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Drupal agency VS WordPress Agency - what’s the real development cost of those Open Source CMS

Normally for every business owner or startup site development is an integral part of the work and in most cases, the development costs could be a significant aspect between hiring a Drupal Agency or WordPress Agency

Today we will have a better look at those two completely free Open Source CMS.  We will also try to show you the important difference in price formation and future perspectives of them.  

At first look WordPress development seem to be definitely less expensive, however, in a long-distance run hiring a Drupal Agency could appear as a cost-beneficial decision.

The BIGGEST mistake  ever

 The main problem in the IT industry is that most of the companies are skipping off the most important stage of discovering customers business goals and ideas. Here is not to blame the actual customers, who can be impressed by a standard pre-built WordPress template. When the business owner seeing a pretty template for the price of £50 to £100 he automatically thinks about the great cost-beneficial savings. Unfortunately, most of the time WordPress theme does not fully comply with their needs. 

Every web project should have well defined technical requirements including what additional functionality your site may need in the future. When are you choosing a web development company make sure your project manager defines your business goals and understands the implementation of the necessary functionality.

Site development has many different stages, but the most important one is the final stage. The final part is where web developers should put the most effort for the customisation of the site. To stand out from your competitor’s your site should have a great performance. Without a high-quality website and it's correctly working functionality you won't succeed in a nowadays competitive market.  

Continuous development and its cost perspective

The main problem of  WordPress is that as the complexity of your project develops the cost of development increases exponentially. All of these issues are related to the original development environment. It is also worth to mention an important factor regarding the security of the site, and statistics show that websites on WordPress are subject to attacks most often, since they are the easiest to hack.

In our personal opinion choosing a Drupal agency is the right decision for your business in advance, as with the right server configuration and professional deployment of the site on Drupal your business is already one step ahead. The only issue here is that Drupal development will require a larger budget, as the original development environment of Drupal requires detailed configuration. However, if we don't take the development cost into account, the disadvantages of  Drupal is finished. Our Drupal developers have implemented many projects using that Open Source CMS if you are looking for Drupal site support or Drupal site maintenance contact us directly. We also offer 24/7 site support!

The Drupal main advantage is that it was originally conceived in such a way that you can develop your web resource without any restrictions. When everything configured correctly your website became a ground for continuous development and site complexity can continuously increase over the years.

Free cheese can be found only in a mousetrap

 WordPress and  Drupal are absolutely free CMS, however, the real problem is inside the pudding. WordPress is overestimated and the collection of different plugins won't change the situation if your business has heavy competitors. The experienced web development company will always tell you that it takes a lot of effort to get the site to the first page of organic search results. One thing we can say for sure, using Drupal these efforts will not be in vain. 

Drupal also almost automatically removes the issue of site security, when to ensure stable site security on WordPress it will require constant monitoring, time of at least one developer and other resources. The not less important issue of WordPress is that many cases programmers often rely on ready-made solutions in the form of the plugins, unfortunately, 9 out of 10 those pre-built solutions do not meet the customer expectations. 

Drupal not only as an alternative, but also a wise decision for your business perspective

Most every company needs a corporate website and we are not stating that there are no well-performing WordPress sites. We are more than sure that there are thousands of great website designed using WordPress. 

Our main idea of this article is to delivery our readers, as well as business owners the strength of Drupal CMS. With Drupal, your site will not only be completely secure, but it also will be able to develop in a parallel with the development of your company.

If you are looking for a Drupal Agency in London (UK), please contact us by the most convenient method. We will always be happy to discuss your project. Please read our "Drupal Agency hiring cost" article to have some ideas regarding the Drupal development cost.


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